Our story

Passionate about sharing our deep love of the land with you.

Hi, we’re Catherine and Zander Ward, the owners, and your hosts at Pahi Coastal Walk

We’re passionate about farming, walking and the environment. We love sharing our property with others, so are excited to welcome guests to Pahi Station to experience the spectacular views and stunning landscape.

We love spending time with family and friends and had the idea to open Pahi Station for walkers after spending years walking the station with those dear to us. The private coastal walk at Pahi lends itself to amazing views throughout the three days, and we wanted to share the real feeling of relaxation and renewal you get from walking over the property with others.

The Farm

Pahi is a traditional beef and sheep farm covering 5000 acres (3000 acres family farm, 2000 acres leased).

The farm covers the northern tip of the Coromandel Peninsula, from sea level up to the highest point at 670 meters.

Zander is a 6th Generation Farmer on the Northern Peninsula. Pahi Station has grown over the years but the first 1000 acres was bought in 1931.

Zanders father bought 3000 acres off his Father and Uncles in 1970, where he began turning it into the productive farming unit it is today.

Today we run predominantly Angus breeding and finishing cattle and perindale/romney sheep. You will no doubt see the farmers out and about whilst you are walking.

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